Club Play in Minneapolis

Check it out.

Scroll down to DJ Noise.  He played “Suck it Up” last Monday night.

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KUNM RADIO – top 10 RPM Chart 4/4/11

The Compilation CD, Negative Impact Vol 4, is now NUMBER ONE on the RPM charts at KUMN !  Awesome!!  Apraxia is featured on Track 10 of the CD.


Rank    Artist                        Recording Label
2- DIVERJE -  burn away                        -DSBP
3- Robert Miles 'Thirteen'                -S:alt Records
4- PHILLIP MUNCH -  into the absurd          -ANT-ZEN
5- MILLIPEDE -  powerless                        -HYMEN
7- WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE - exlplicit pictures    -LAST GANG
8- JEROME CHASSAGNARD      - the time from underneath -HYMEN
9- DEAD VOICES ON AIR - from afar all starts spark and glee -LENS
10-ISZOLOSCOPE - the edge of certainty          -ANT-ZEN
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Negative Impact 4 comp CDs arrived today – GET ONE FREE – Tonight at the Chamber

I just received my copies of the Negative Impact volume 4 compilation CD.

The CD includes some fresh new tracks by top underground North American dark electro projects.  All tracks are radio-friendly and many are perfect for a club scene.

Negative Impact volume 4 is on the DSBP record label under the leadership of Tommy T and Igor Jefe and features 17 tracks.

It’s set to retail at $16 domestically and $24 over sees.

Apraxia invites you to come out to “The Chamber” tonight at The Bolt Underground (club) Get a FREE COPY with admission, even if you show up before they start charging cover!  It’s a limited time supply.

I may offer a second chance to get a free copy in the next few weeks but if you just can’t wait, show up tonight!  Hope to see you there!

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Review of Apraxia (entire career)

Alex V creates music that seeks actively and knowingly to plug holes in our spirit and psyche, holes like ignorance, alienation, despondency and regret. Every time we laugh along with one of Alex’s ironic social commentaries, we are either benefitting because we needed to know that somebody else knew, or because we didnt know in the first place and welcomed the enlightenment.

Every time we wistfully dwell on some sentiment he drapes across our aurally immersed senses, we share a memory of our common human desires and fixations. Let’s not forget that Alex is an activist as well as a visionary, and that issues we might have developed “mature” or “inf0rmed” views about are revealed to us as still fresh and overflowing with social relevance by Alex’s communiques from his personally chosen hotseat of culture (which is currently the American city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is a place that has made it past many racial, sexual, cultural, and political barriers, in the sense that issues of racial and gender identity and equality, sexual orientation tolerance and exhibition, and human dignity and satisfaction (for better or for worse) are presented by Alex for us to bear.

His message may not alwaysbe presented /in extremis/, and often is filtered through the lens of Alex’s local world, but that would be no different if he were a Native American rain-dancer, or !Kong hunter-shaman, or Irish Czechoslovakian (like me). The fact the he is, and we all are, humans, comes through loud and clear and leaves none of us out. No matter what special group you may be a member of, you and I both know that the pleasure of any group is inhow much it provides for your basically shared human desires. Well that means this is music for the human race, period. How much better can we expect of ourselves?

-G Petrie

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Varry doesn’t watch TV, it watches him!

Here is our number one fan on the cover of a Hollywood gossip Magazine.  Move over Paris Hilton!

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One, Two, Three, is Cold War Comedy gold

A few years ago I was researching cold war cinema. One, Two, Three staring James Cagney was one of them. Tonight while flipping through channels I happened to catch it on TV. I forgot what a funny movie this is.

I just love the shot-gun fast quips back and forth about capitalism and communism.  I love the high-jinx involved when they try to make an eager your East Berliner Communist look like a member of the Upper Class in a hurry.  All this is done so that he may defect to the west and marry the heiress to the Coca Cola fortune.  Its a gas!  If you have a sense of humor, can stand corny jokes and are into the Cold War period of history, this movie is for you!

If you liked “Dr Strangelove” you will likes movie too.  I can see how Kubrick might have been informed by this movie while making Strangelove.

I also found that the entire movie is available on YouTube. Just CLICK HERE to start watching the movie in a new widow, full screen.

Here is a clip from the Wikipedia article:

One, Two, Three is a (1961) American comedy film directed by Billy Wilder and written by him and I.A.L. Diamond, based on the 1929 Hungarian one-act play Egy, kettö, három by Ferenc Molnár. The comedy features James CagneyHorst BuchholzPamela TiffinArlene FrancisLeon AskinHoward St. John, and others.[1] It would be Cagney’s last film appearance until Ragtime, 20 years later.[2]

The film is primarily set in West Berlin during the Cold War, but before the construction of the Berlin Wall, and politics is predominant in the setup. Diamond and Wilder’s social satire and sharp humor skewers targets on all sides of the divide — capitalists and communists, Americans, Germans, and Russians, men and women alike exhibit their own weaknesses and quirky foibles. As in Avanti! (1972), the humor of the film is partly based on the contrast between people from different cultures.

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Almost 10,000 ‘likes’ on facebook – Everyone invite TWO friends !

And it’s driving me crazy. If only we can get passed that threshold. I bet everyone reading this right now knows at least two friends that will like Apraxia. So help us out and turn them on to it!

You can ‘suggest to friends’ on every band/artist profile wall.  See below.

Visit the Apraxia profile wall on Facebook.

When you click ‘Suggest to Friends’ a list of your friends will pop up. Just pick two friends that you think will like Apraxia.  If you can find more, hey all the better!

Thanks so much for helping out!


If you are done inviting facebook friends to like Apraxia, visit our ReverbNation profile.  You can ‘like’ Apraxia there also, not to mention listen to tracks for free.

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Hell YEAH I love Vernor’s !

The sign above is all too familiar.  Being from Detroit I grew up drinking Vernor’s.  There is simply nothing else like it.  Canada Dry always leaves me disappointed.

Today on Facebook I noticed that several of my friends indicated that they liked Vernor’s.  Most of these folks are from Detroit.

The modern version of Vernor’s is not quite the magical exiler we drank in the 80s.  It’s close but it’s not exact.  Once Pepsi took over bottling it they changed the formula to make it more cheeply.  This includes moving to Corn Syrup and an altered flavor.

When I was a kid my parents took me to the Detroit Historical Society Museum. At the time they had an exibit in the basement that was set up to look like a city street circa 1880.  One of the exibits was a model of the Vernor’s Drug store.  Inside was an original dispensor,  It had a large tank up top and looked something like a water cooler of today.  The yellow liquid had a soft glow that said “Gingery”.

People in the Detroit area have dozens of recepies for drinks and foods that include Vernor’s and ONLY Vernor’s.  Try maranating pork ribs in Vernor’s over night.  Then bake or grille them.  YUM!

If you have a cold in the wintertime, put some Vernor’s in a coffee mug and then put in the microwave for two minutes.  Squeeze in some fresh lemon.  DELICIOUS!

I found some interesting facts about Vernor’s on Wikipedia.

According to company legend, prior to the start of the American Civil War, while a clerk at the Higby & Sterns drug store in Detroit, James Vernor experimented with flavors in an attempt to duplicate a popular ginger ale imported from Dublin, Ireland. When Vernor was called off to serve in the war, he stored the syrup base of 19 ingredients, including gingervanilla and other natural flavorings, in an oak cask.

Vernor opened a drug store of his own on Woodward Avenue, and sold his ginger ale at its soda fountain. According to the 1911 trademark application on “Vernor’s” as a name for ginger ale and extract, Vernors entered commerce in 1880. City by city, Vernor sold bottling franchises, with operators of those franchises required to strictly adhere to the recipe. In 1896, Vernor closed his drugstore to concentrate on the ginger ale business alone. Initially, Vernors was only sold via soda fountain franchises, but later Vernors was bottled for home consumption.[3] James Vernor died Oct. 29, 1927 and was succeeded by his son, James Vernor Jr. Expansion continued throughout Prohibition. In 1962, Vernors introduced Vernors 1-Calorie, now called Diet Vernors. In 1966, the Vernor family sold out to the first of a succession of owners.[4] The company was next acquired by American Consumer Products and then by United Brands before being purchased by A&W Beverages in 1987. A&W was later purchased by Cadbury Schweppes.

The flagship Detroit bottling plant was shut down by United Brands in 1985, with the local rights to bottle Vernors granted to Pepsi-Cola.[3]

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The time we saw Kid Rock


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Happy Holidays! – Free Album Download today

It is the last day of Hanukka, and as promised, here is your FREE Album!

But which one is it!??

It’s the original CyberChrist 1995 release!  Yup, in it’s original poorly recorded/mastered format.  We’re talking raw-ass cyberpunk.  No one monkied around with the original master what-so-ever.  It didn’t turn out as polished as I had hoped but I learned a lot from the studio tech guy I hired to help.

So you will hear the pure rawness of the period.  Also we now get to see the original artwork which did not make the first pressing because of a delays with the copyright release.

Apraxia - CyberChrist - 1995

Apraxia - CyberChrist - 1995

The year was 1993.  I saved a few dollars and bought a junky low-end Vestax 4-track recorder. Right away I started writing the songs for this album. Samples from the original 4-track cassettes are found on this recording.

By 1994 Apraxia was played on Michigan and Ontario radio stations.  These stations played cassette demos before the CD was ever released.  How cool is that?

There are a number of guest appearances on the album from folks like Tony Young, Adam Lotek and Melody Mendis.

The album was constructed using a DOS based sequesor called Voyettra Junior, running on MS DOS 5.o on a Packard Bell 386 sx 16.  I had to add an 8-bit SoundBlaster Pro soundcard to connect it to my 1990 Yamaha PSR500 consumer model keyboard.  This was before general MIDI!

I had this exact same computer but with a smaller hard drive.  My Packard Bell 386 SX 16 had a TURBO button and came with an 89MB Hard Drive. It also shipped with MSDOS 5.0

“Ultra-Fast” computer my ass.  When I ran MIDI on it, and stuff got too complicated it would hang.  You can hear this in some of my early recordings.  lol.  oh well.  you work with what you have.   My machine was a little cheaper than this one, but remember this is in 1990 dollars.  Those damn things were expensive!

And you know, I used to think this thing was terrible I would never want to let it out to the public again.  But I think it has aged well.  We all have to face out past and own up to it.  So here it is for me.

And check out some of the reviews this “published demo” received.  Click any title below.

JamRag reviews, 1995-1996 – Detroit
CyberChrist review in Sequence Magazine – UK
Review in Under the Flag Magazine – Belgium
Review in Második Latás magazine – Hungary


1 immobilized
2 discoitus
3 heil engler
4 CyberChrist (orthodox mix)
5 spaceobituary
6 cerealkiller
7 retropsychosis
8 LemmingQuest
9 Helm
10 get-a-job
11 sympathy for the fratboy
12 cyberchrist (gnostic mix)
13 The Great Big International K2 Ski Event!

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Apraxia’s CD slot at Electric Fetus

My friend Matt is in from out of town, and as always we went to our favorite local record store, Electric Fetus.  While browsing through the electronic section, I found the Apraxia slot and snapped this photo.  My, aren’t we in great company!

Apraxia's slot at Electric Fetus

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My favorite toy as a child

Remember the Science Fair 160 in One kit?  Man did I love this thing.  I spent hours a day playing with it.  You didn’t need to use a soldering iron because each component has these little springs for contacts.  All you had to do was route the wires to the contacts and follow the instructions in the project manual.  They made it really easy.  It was fun to modify the circuits once you built them.

Science Fair 160 in One Kit, circa 1982

You could make a theremin, an AM Radio Station, Crystal Radio, Burglar Alarm, Basic oscillators, cool noise makers, a telegraph, even a lie detector.  I once made the AM radio station and hooked it up the TV antenna that was on top of our house.  I was able to pick up the week signal across the street!

The 160 in One kit came out in 1982.  It was an update to the 150 in One kit that came out in 1978.  The 160 kit was very cool because it added a Solar Cell, LED digit display and a simple intergrated circuit (also called a microchip).

Those were the days.  I eventually wore it out.  I wish I could find another one in like-new condition!

Science Fair 160 in One Kit, circa 1982
Science Fair 160 in One Kit, circa 1982
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Apraxia on TV in Atlanta & Tampa

Apraxia will once again be a featured video artist on the Local Access Cable and internet video program called Style City Music Presents.  The video for “Stop” will air on Saturday November 13, 2010 in both the Atlanta GA and Tampa FL areas.

Here are the air-times.

ATLANTA, GA – Comcast Channel 24 People TV – 1:00 am- 1:30 am
TAMPA, FL – Verizon 36, Brighthouse 949 – 10:00pm -10:30pm

This is the video (we think) they are planning to show:

Last time they showed DNA NanoBots

Here is a link to an audio-only preview of the VIDEO show program that will air.  As you can see, they are planning on playing “STOP” and once again they have Apraxia following Trina.  Outrageous! We’ll put up the link to the archive when it becomes available.

Thanks again to the staff and talent at Style City for having the good sense to feature Apraxia on their programs.

We’d also like to know if you can recommend other TV shows to which we should submit material.  Just leave a comment if you have one in mind!

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Skyfire was marked SOLD OUT on Apple's iPhone App store.

Skyfire was marked SOLD OUT on Apple's iPhone App store.

YAY!  Steve Jobs got off his self-effacing fascist head trip and recently authorized the use of Adobe’s FLASH technology on iPhones.

I really get a kick out of the fact that Skyfire 2.0, a Flash player application for iPhone, was temporarily taken offline starting today because demand was beyond capacity.  Customers were clamouring to download the newest Flash enabled web browser for iPhone.  Read all about it on PC World.

If your iPhone is  now officially COMPLETELY OPERATIONAL when it comes to using the web, then check out this Flash demonstration Apraxia made in 2001.  It’s a little dated but you will love the retro feel on your tiny iPhone screen.

click to allow Apraxia to

If you see a retro music demonstration your Flash plug-ins are installed correctly.  Thank you for testing with Apraxia.

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Photos from the Vaults

Here are some photos I found today while combing through my archives.

On the right, Will Copeland, AKA, The Ill Wizzard recording his lyrics for “SocioVirus” circa 2001.  We don’t recall the other fellow’s name.  If you know who it is let us know!

2002.  With a friend.  I was actually skinny then!

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Apraxia to be included on Negative Impact 4

In January 2011, Apraxia is proud to be included in the official compilation release, Negative Impact volume 4.

The compilation features bands such as Apraxia, Alien Implant, Asmodeus X, BIOCARBON13, Concept 7, Infinity Interrupt, THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN and lots more.

It’s fourth in the acclaimed series of radio friendly dark electronic music collectives as organized by Igor Jefe.  Subscribe to the blog or join the VIP Fan club to be updated on when it comes out!

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Oct 15, 2010 – Blog Migration

We are just getting started on this WordPress based Blog site. It will eventually become as we retire the old site.

Entries prior to October 15, 2010, visit the Apraxia MySpace blog archives. Between Feb 2009 – MAY 2009 Apraxia posted blogs at MOG instead of Myspace.  Apraxia MOG Archives are here.  Apraxia no longer posts updates to either blog. Some of the archive posts from each blog will be republished here, retro-dated.

Thank you to all of our followers on Myspace and Mog.  Hopefully you will continue to follow us here on this wordpress format as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

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The machine on which I wrote “CyberChrist”

Check out this add someone showed me on Facebook.

I had almost this exact same computer!  My Packard Bell 386 SX 16 with a TURBO button only came with an 89MB Hard Drive. It also shipped with MSDOS 5.0  “Ultra-Fast” computer my ass.  When I ran Midi on it, and stuff got too complicated it would hang.  You can hear this in some of my early recordings.  lol.  oh well.  you work with what you have.   My machine was a little cheaper than this one, but remember this is in 1990 dollars.  Those damn things were expensive!  I don’t know how my family were able to scrape together the money for it!  In hindsight it just seems amazing!  Thanks Mom!  :-P

I remember Lotus Works.. the 90 angle on the two drives, the 1 MB ram. The shape of the case. lol. I used to run a BBS on that Machine too – out of my dorm room at Michigan State backin 1992-1994.  It was a TAG based system named “The Astrological Love Lounge”.

Meet the machine that I wrote “CyberChrist” on in 1994. It was a Packard Bell 386SX 16. Mine only had an 89MB Hard Drive, but it was otherwise identical to the machine on the right in this add. It shipped with MSDOS 5.0. 

Thanks Tom W / DJSLT for finding this!  Wow !  What a blast from the past.  I feel old.


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Talk of the Nation Mentions Apraxia…. sorta

On the show “Talk of the Nation” on National Pulblic Radio, an email from Alex was read on the air!  Guest, Robert Krulwich, reponds with laughter. Fun !! *(source)

Stream (click) or Download (right-click)

Here is a clip from the transcript:

CONAN: Alexander would like to know about the international space elevator. It’s fascinating. I even wrote a song about it. I hope you use my song in your report. Here’s a quick intro to the whole – and he sent you a link to his song. And thanks…

(Soundbite of laughter)

CONAN: International space elevator.

KRULWICH: I do find the space – first of all, there’s something a little odd about getting in the elevator and going up 20 miles and then stopping. What do you do when you get to the top?

CONAN: I don’t know.

KRULWICH: You’re not allowed out, obviously. Maybe there’s like a lobby up there, like a sky lobby? I mean, they haven’t built it yet. (Unintelligible) make me a little nervous…

CONAN: Didn’t it nearly fall down in the ’80s?

KRULWICH: I would think that if you have a little bulbish(ph) kind of thing on the top of the elevator shaft that you might be a little worried that it would topple. I’m not going to be the first to get on the space elevator.

(Soundbite of laughter)

CONAN: You’ll be the second.

KRULWICH: I think I’ll be the second.


Here is the link to the song/video mentioned

Apraxia – International Space Elevator

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Vincent Price On Racism And Religious Prejudice

A beautiful message delivered by the late, great Mr. Price at the conclusion of a radio broadcast of ‘The Saint’. The episode is “Author Of Murder”.

From 1947 – 1951, Mr. Price portrayed the radio incarnation of Leslie Charteris’ legendary character Simon Templar.

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International Space Elevator (slide show)

This is a slide show presentation made by the band as an excuse to get the song out on YouTube.  We hope you like it.  Since it’s technically educational we got away with borrowing stuff from all over the web because of the fair use laws in the USA.

International Space Elevator is included on Apraxia’s latest release, The Grid.

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Check out my new baby!

Thats a Roland V Drums TD9 kit with the original brain.  The newer Roland drum brains have taken a nose dive into total suckage.  it’s sad.  Lets hope Roland does not become another casualty of globalization.

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ReverbNation just charted Apraxia NUMBER ONE Dance/Electronica artist in Minneapolis!
Chart Position Electronica/Dance Charts
Apraxia hit NUMBER ONE on the ReverbNation local charts for Electronica / Dance in Minneapolis, USA.  We’ve been number one on this chart since June 2010 !
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Delicious Vixen (music film, lyrics)

This is a music film set to “Delicious Vixen” by Apraxia. “Delicious Vixen” is on the album The Grid.  This film was directed by Douglas Struble. There is also a DVD available exclusively to VJs, podcasters and community access cable.  Just contact Apraxia if you need one.


Every town has a girl like her
Don’t you know she’s a vixen
She’s got a clever pseudonym
You always know what mood she’s in

She’s causing lots of friction
With her cultivated diction
You really want to know her
You want to be her best friend

You know she loves the classics
She’s got a wicked hat trick
You’re paying close attention
To all her little mentions

She’s got top level access
And now your nothing but practice

Sugar and Spice – Delicious
Everything’s nice – She’s Vicious
Ready for a fight – Ballistic
And Everyone wants to get with her

Grips like a vice – She’s red handed
Paid it more than twice – She’s in demand when
You see her at night – You’re enchanted
Cuz everyone wants to get with her

She’ll put you on ice

Sugar and Spice – Delicious
Everything’s nice – She’s Vicious
Ready for a fight – Ballistic
And everyone wants to get with her

Vocals, Keys: Alex V
Backing Vocals: Brooke A

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Looking for Radio & Club DJs

Do you live in any of these Metro Areas? If so, please let us know what the hot radio shows and clubs DJs are in your area so we can send them CDs & Presskits!

We picked these specific places because they each have a groundswell of fan support according to our research.

Buenos Aires

Bosnia & Herzegovinia
Sarajevo, Banja Luka


Czech Republic


Jakarta, Cirebon, Makassar, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, etc

New Delhi, Mumbai

Rome, Milan



Kuala Lumpur

Monterrey, Dorrego

Manilla, Quezon City


Austin, Dallas, Detroit, Olympia, Twin Cities, Tampa, San Francisco, San Diego, DC

Contact us below. We’ll research it and use your data to prepare the next Mail-Out Promotional Campaign. Thanks so much for your help!

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DATELINE TAMPA FLA – Apraxia to appear on Cable Video program

Style-City Music Presents, An Independent Music Video program, broadcast in the Greater Tampa Bay area, on 5 local cable stations. Show Airs on Brighthouse Channel 949, and Verizon Channel 36 Saturdays at 10:00pm. Show airs again on Brighthouse Channel 950, Verizon Channel 30, and Comcast Channel 20 Sundays at 10:00pm. – Style-City Music Recording Studio, Saint Petersburg, FL

Apraxia will be a featured artists for the Episode airing the week of June 11
And they post all show archives on BLIPTV!! They have a facebook page for the show too.

Style-City may be a low budget local cable show but it’s features the hottest unsigned independent bands in all genres. Apraxia is proud to be featured on this fresh new program out of Tampa Bay Florida ! Tell Gramma to tune in!

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The Grid reviewed on Dark Entries – Belgium

English translation by Google Translate

Rarely have I so in a group should urge them to persuade Dark Entries type magazine is that the underground supports instead of their object of ridicule because this German from Minneapolis just had a bad experience behind them with an e- zine totally ridiculed him.

Must be able to break a record, but there is indeed such a thing as human respect.

Anyway, we are not responsible for the actions of others so we only have about where it really matters: the music!

Apraxia is actually the project of Alex aka Siren 313 V and this CD has become the successor of the 2008 published “trite Permission”.

Musically, Alex sees himself as a new wave / synth pop project inspired by Information Society, Nitzer Ebb and LCD Soundsystem.

You’re right, dear reader, they say that, and she seldom sounds like the examples they cite but is “The Grid” has become quite a nice CD though is nothing new here.

The major problem with this CD is simply that Alex V a bit too much styles to try out and then you sometimes in the mouth especially when you synthpop traditional techno tries to blend because that makes the end result rather superfluous, the same may also said of the two covers “I Want to Be Your Dog” and “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode.

But as I said this CD contains most of nice synth pop songs that appeal to many fans.

You see, we are honest, and not even that bad of hearts!

7/10 Stars

– Didier Becu 27/05/2010

Original Dutch

Zelden heb ik zo bij een groep moeten aandringen om hun te overtuigen dat Dark Entries het soort magazine is dat de underground steunt in plaats van hun onderwerp van spot te maken want deze Duitser uit Minneapolis had net een nare ervaring achter de rug met een e-zine die hem geheel belachelijk maakte.

Een plaat afbreken moet kunnen, maar er bestaat inderdaad ook zoiets als menselijk respect.

Maar goed, wij zijn niet verantwoordelijk voor de daden van anderen dus gaan wij maar over naar waar het hem echt om draait : de muziek!

Apraxia is eigenlijk het project van Alex V aka Siren 313 en deze cd is de opvolger geworden van de in 2008 verschenen “Trite Permission”.

Muzikaal ziet Alex zichzelf als een new wave/synthpopproject dat geïnspireerd is door Information Society, Nitzer Ebb en LCD Soundsystem.

U hebt gelijk, beste lezer, ze zeggen dat allemaal en zelden klinkt ze als de voorbeelden die ze aanhalen maar toch is “The Grid” best een aardige cd geworden ook al gebeurt hier niks nieuws.

Het grote probleem bij deze cd is gewoonweg dat Alex V een beetje te veel stijlen heeft willen uit proberen en dan ga je soms wel eens op de bek zeker als je synthpop met traditionele techno probeert te mengen want dat maakt het eindresultaat tamelijk overbodig, hetzelfde kan trouwens gezegd worden van de twee covers “I wanna be your dog” en “Strange Love” van Depeche Mode.

Maar zoals gezegd bevat het merendeel van deze cd aardige synthpopsongs die meerdere fans kunnen bekoren.

U ziet het, we zijn eerlijk, en nog niet eens zo slecht van hart niet!

– Didier Becu  27/05/2010

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Velocity’s cameo

In the winter of 2008/2009 I was asked to appear in this video by Pop Inc. That’s me with the mohawk, going up and down the escalator talking on a crappy razor cell phone. “A sign of the times” We were looking for the KLF and found it/them !

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STOP! instrumental (music video)

This is the music video to the instrumental version of “Stop” by Apraxia. “Stop” is on the album The Grid.  There is also a DVD available exclusively to VJs, podcasters and community access cable.  Just contact Apraxia if you need one.

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The Grid – Number 7 at WRSU !

Take a look. We’re number 7 on the top 10 album list on WRSU’s RPM list.


Good enough for ya? Please order a CD.

I need to the money to buy eyeglasses.


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